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  • Cultural Fit: How to Hire Employees You Love

    Brad McCorkle, Local Eye Site There’s no denying the importance of finding employees that are a good culture fit for your practice. The reality is that employees who enjoy their jobs find their roles...

    26 Oct 2015

  • Think About Your Eyes Debuts Awareness Video

    Think About Your Eyes has created a video to continue to raise awareness among consumers of the importance of an annual eye exam. The video asks consumers about their current vision care schedule, and...

    26 Oct 2015

  • The Visionaries Community

    Have you heard about the Visionaries Community—a platform for you to share your voice? The Visionaries Community is a free and exclusive social community of eyecare professionals, industry leaders and...

    12 Oct 2015

  • 6 Ways to Land a Job at Vision Expo West

    AUGUST 25, 2015 | STEVEN SQUIRES 1. Treat Everyone You Meet as a Potential Employer Vision Expo is an excellent opportunity to rub elbows with some of the industry’s top executives, scholars, and...

    08 Sep 2015

  • Employee Retention: Why Do They Stay?

    BY BRAD MCCORKLE, Founder of Local Eye Site More than once I’ve had conversations with frustrated Ophthalmologists and Optometrists about Ophthalmic Technician and Optician employee turnover. The...

    08 Sep 2015

  • Interview Tips We Can Learn From Volleyball

    Ace Your Next Job Interview By Erica Miller, Staff Writer at Local Eye Site June 25, 2015 I love Volleyball. It's one of my favorite sports, and the other day I was thinking about how the interview process...

    08 Sep 2015

  • Eyecons on Eyecons

    Over the years many of the world's most elegant, revered and powerful women have been photographed wearing a variety of beautiful sunglasses. Not only have these women revolutionized personal flair and...

    08 Sep 2015

  • New Grads: Building Your Network

    Local Eye Site, 08 Sep 2015

    MAY 20, 2015 Graduation is finally here, and you still have no idea where you want to work. In a competitive job market, you have to build your network and learn how to become a pro at networking. Here are...

    08 Sep 2015

  • Think About Your Eyes Expands Social Media Efforts

    Think About Your Eyes partners with blogger network Mom It Forward This month, Think About Your Eyes partnered with blogger network Mom It Forward to promote children’s vision health, especially in the...

    08 Sep 2015

  • Applying For Medical Panels

    Aaron Lech, O.D., F.A.A.O., 08 Sep 2015

    All you need to know about the typical timing and process of applying to be on a medical panel. Becoming paneled with most medical plans is basically a 3 step process: application, credentialing and...

    08 Sep 2015

  • The Recipe To Building The Perfect Personal Brand

    Erica Miller, 08 Sep 2015

    Perfecting your personal brand can help you stand out from the competition when searching for a job. Creating your personal brand is like putting together the perfect dish. Use the following 3 “C”...

    08 Sep 2015

  • The New(ish) Hiring Tool You're Ignoring

    Video Interviewing As The New Resource In Job Interviewing As new technologies emerge, the way employers locate, screen, interview, and hire candidates has changed over time. Conducting video interviews...

    08 Sep 2015