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  • Defocus Media Podcast: Mr. Roberto Monaco and Dr. Mick Kling take on Leadership

    Listen to Roberto Monaco of Influencology and Dr. Mick Kling discuss how ODs can grow their business by creating more authentic conversations in the exam room and on social media. In a brand new...

    14 Feb 2019

  • Understanding Finances for Optometrists

    Watch this discussion with financial experts filmed at Vision Expo to get a true understanding of what you can afford and what you need to be aware of early on in your profession. Learn more at...

    25 Jan 2019

  • How to Develop A Medical Optometry Practice

    At Vision Expo East, Antonio Chirumbolo, OD, sat down with a panel of experts including Mark Dunbar, OD, to discuss how to develop a medical optometry practice. Watch the full video for tips on which...

    28 Aug 2018

  • Meeting the Challenges of Optometry Staff Management

    As a young OD, it’s important that you be ready to meet the wide range of challenges that your new position will throw at you. Patricia Fulmer, OD, shared her thoughts on how new graduates can overcome the...

    29 May 2018

  • Crossing the Void from Student to New Optometrist

    Ever wondered what real-world optometry is like, or questioned how you’d make the transition from optometry student to new optometrist? At Vision Expo West 2017, a group of young ODs sat down to discuss...

    28 Mar 2018

  • Optometry Podcast: Dr. Quy Nguyen Discusses Career Development + Vision Expo East 2018

    Dr. Quy Nguyen with SUNY College of Optometry is now offering the advice he’s compiled from his own career and through mentoring fellow optometrists and students. Listen to the Defocus Media podcast. ...

    26 Feb 2018

  • Guide to Optometry Billing and Coding Understanding billing and coding is critical to the success of your optometry practice. In this video interview, learn some tips and...

    29 Jan 2018

  • The Holiday Hiring Myth Explained & 4 Ways to Get Hired Now

    Thousands of job seekers are still active during November and December, and plenty of new jobs are being posted too. Follow these steps to continue a strong search this holiday season. Read more on Local...

    19 Dec 2017

  • How to Avoid Optometry Burnout

    Harbir Sian, OD, Founder of Highstreet EyeCare Center, reveals important tips for maintaining work-life balance early on in your career and how to avoid optometry burnout. Watch the video on...

    27 Nov 2017

  • Healthy Employees are Happy Employees: Here’s How to Make it Happen

    If you care about your employees, or at least care about their productivity, a healthy workplace culture is something you should be fostering as an employer. According to the Centers for Disease Control...

    30 Oct 2017

  • How to Improve Optometry Practice Marketing by 10X

    Optometry practice marketing can play a large role in business strategy. hosted a discussion panel at Vision Expo East 2017 where a few extremely knowledgeable individuals talked about...

    25 Sep 2017

  • 3 Negotiation Tactics for New Optometrists

    Negotiating is not some scary thing that happens in a vacuum, and it’s not always about cold, hard cash. Dr. Brett Kestenbaum, Head of Growth at CovalentCareers, recommends 3 tactics for new ODs. Read more...

    25 Aug 2017

  • 3 Ways to Invest in Your Eye Care Career That You Won’t Regret

    It’s never too late to invest in your career and develop the knowledge you need to make the most impact. Here’s how you can make big steps forward in your career and feel more accomplished in the near...

    25 Aug 2017

  • Use Social Media to Land Eye Care Jobs

    Ninety-two percent of companies are using social media for hiring. Learn how to leverage social media smartly to stand out as a top candidate and build a professional profile. ...

    22 Jun 2017

  • Want a 40% Increase in Optometry Staff Retention? Change How You Hire.

    Staff turnover is expensive, and optometrist turnover is especially expensive. In fact, Josh Burson of Deloitte found that turnover can cost up to 216% of an employer’s annual salary. But changing how you...

    30 May 2017

  • 4th Year Optometry Students, Here’s Optometrist Interview Advice

    Learn one simple trick to nail your job interview. Learn More Learn one simple trick to nail your job interview. Learn More

    27 Mar 2017

  • Find Your Next Optometry Job While at Vision Expo East 2017

    CovalentCareers LIVE is a tool that gives eyecare job seekers the ability to chat with optometry practices who are currently looking to hire and who will be attending Vision Expo East 2017. If you’re a...

    27 Feb 2017

  • 3 Ways to Think Strategically About Recruiting

    By Alex Slater Whether you're part of an HR team for a large company, or you're responsible for hiring for your small business, these 3 tips can help you turn hiring into an opportunity. 1. Make the...

    22 Jan 2016

  • What Career Path to Choose?

    By Matt Geller, O.D. With optometry being so diverse it's often hard to make a decision about what career path to choose. I educate graduating students and colleagues about all the options, yet still,...

    21 Dec 2015

  • Recruiting for Your Optometry Practice: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

    By BRIDGER DAVENPORT COSTIN It may seem like the end of the world when your office is short staffed, but you can choose to fill a position with just any warm body or you can use this as an opportunity to...

    25 Nov 2015

  • Man at Work

    To contrast our “Eyecons on Eyecons” feature of iconic women and their iconic sunglasses, here’s one with the guys! We assembled a collection of professions and created original artwork to represent the...

    20 Nov 2015

  • Visionaries Profile Series: Ian Rubinstein

    Every eyecare professional has a unique story and unique contributions to make—and we want you to share them with our community. The Visionaries Community Profile is about telling those stories and...

    05 Nov 2015

  • Visionaries Profile Series: Dr. Denise Whittam

    Every eyecare professional has a unique story and unique contributions to make—and we want you to share them with our community. The Visionaries Community Profile is about telling those stories and...

    05 Nov 2015

  • Randy Jackson’s Songs of Summer

    Summer is almost over, but we’re not saying goodbye just yet. We talked to music icon and frame designer Randy Jackson and asked him to share his favorite songs of summer along with his recommended eyewear...

    05 Nov 2015

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