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  • UV Exposure among U.S. Adults

    During the winter of 2015, The Vision Council deployed a VisionWatch Survey concerning sunglass usage and concerns regarding UV exposure; repeating the study every other year, first starting in 2013....

    21 Apr 2016

  • Eye Exams among U.S. Children

    The Vision Council fielded a short questionnaire to survey American parents with children under the age of 18 living at home about the vision correction needs and behaviors of those children. About 37...

    24 Mar 2016

  • Refreshing your optical environment with a splash of COLOR

    Color can be intimidating; we often are scared we will choose the wrong one or that it won’t work with the existing interior design elements in a space. You don’t have to be an interior designer to try out...

    24 Mar 2016

  • Vision Correction Usage Increasing for the Vision Care Market

    In December 2015, the U.S. population comprised 247.5 million adults with over three-fourths of them (188.7 million people) using some form of vision correction. Over the past year there has been a net...

    26 Feb 2016

  • Internet Usage for Eyewear Purchases Among American Adults

    This past November, The Vision Council Market Research Team conducted its yearly Internet influence study. Since 2007 The Vision Council has organized this study as part of its consumer VisionWatch...

    22 Jan 2016

  • Think About Your Eyes Celebrates State Association and ECPs Additions

    Think About Your Eyes has seen many successes in 2015 in terms of advertising campaign metrics and the growth of the online consumer community, but the increase of eye care providers (ECPs) listed on the...

    21 Dec 2015

  • Mid-Year Exams Trend

    During the 12ME June 2015, 45.7% of the US adult population received an eye exam (a total of over 112.6 million exams generating $5.78 billion in dollar revenue). Older Americans were more likely than...

    21 Dec 2015

  • Think About Your Eyes Reaches Milestone

    Think About Your Eyes recently reached a campaign milestone, with the two millionth visit to the website since the launch in 2013. Currently, 2015 web traffic is outpacing 2014 web traffic, with the...

    25 Nov 2015

  • Sport Sunglass Usage among Consumers

    In August 2015, The Vision Council fielded a short questionnaire (11 questions) originally developed in August 2011 to survey American plano sunglass purchasers and Rx sun users about their sports habits...

    25 Nov 2015

  • Rx Lens Mid-Year Overview

    There were 82.1 million pairs of lenses sold in the US during the 12ME December 2014—more than the number of lenses sold one year ago (about 4.6% more) and up by 7.0% when compared to what was sold two...

    26 Oct 2015

  • 2015 Midyear Optical Markets Update

    The optical industry continues to make steady growth through the first six months of 2015, bringing in $38.87 billion in revenue for the 12 month period ending in June 2015. This nearly $39 billion...

    08 Sep 2015

  • Purchase Intent in the Eyewear Industry

    In October 2008, The Vision Council first conducted a consumer survey that examined how the current state of the economy was influencing purchasing behavior for optical goods and services in the US. The...

    08 Sep 2015

  • Optical Markets Continue to Grow First Quarter 2015

    The Vision Care Industry in the US Generates Billions During the 12 month period ending in March 2015 the vision care industry in the United States generated $38.27 billion in revenue at the retail level....

    08 Sep 2015

  • Think About Your Eyes Shares Survey Results Around Children’s Eye Health

    Children’s Vision Health Awareness A survey recently conducted by Think About Your Eyes showed that children’s vision health isn’t at the top of many parents’ lists. Of the parents’ surveyed, only 40%...

    08 Sep 2015

  • MVC Coverage among US Adults

    With a majority of eye exams and Rx eyeglass purchases involving some type of MVC coverage or vision insurance, it is important to track the number of consumers possessing vision insurance or some type of...

    08 Sep 2015

  • Think About Your Eyes Advertising Continues to Grow

    Become a Member Today and Inspire Consumers to Schedule a Comprehensive Eye Exam Think About Your Eyes' (TAYE) message of annual, comprehensive eye exams is getting noticed, reaching more than 120 million...

    08 Sep 2015

  • Vision Loss in America: Aging and Low Vision 2015 Report

    Low vision is defined as visual impairments that are not correctable through surgery, pharmaceuticals, glasses or contact lenses. Read More Low vision is defined as visual impairments that are not...

    08 Sep 2015

  • Traditional vs. Digital-Freeform Progressives Among ECPs

    From the 2014 ECP Lens & Equipment Study, The Vision Council surveyed ECPs regarding progressive lens types (traditional vs. digital-freeform) in their respective practices. Respondents dispensing...

    08 Sep 2015

  • Why I created the Macular Degeneration Risk Prevention Center

    Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of irreversible vision loss in the United States for people over the age of 55. AMD causes problems reading, driving and performing activities...

    08 Sep 2015

  • Google Glass Awareness in the US

    From a recent VisonWatch custom study conducted by The Vision Council, it was found that a large number of adults (42.5% equivalent to 103.9 million people) are not aware of, or familiar with, smart glass...

    08 Sep 2015

  • Celebrating an Eyewear-Clad Holiday

    With holiday shopping in full swing, everyone is on the hunt for the perfect presents for friends and loved ones. There’s no better gift than the one that keeps on giving: eyewear, of course. Help your...

    08 Sep 2015

  • The Visual Merchandiser's Critical Eye

    Walk your store quarterly with this checklist in mind By Travis Reed Course 32B4, “Visual Merchandising Problems & Solutions” (Sat., March 21, 9:45-11:45) Have you ever wondered what a visual merchandiser...

    08 Sep 2015

  • Nutrition for Your Practice

    By: Laurie Capogna, OD There is a paradigm shift in health care from being reactive doctors who merely treat disease to proactive doctors who educate our patients about prevention. Currently, North...

    08 Sep 2015

  • Mid-Year Rx Lens Trends

    According to VisionWatch, there were 78.5M pairs of lenses sold in the US during the 12ME Jun’14 — more than the number of lenses sold one year ago (+1.3%) and up by 2.7% when compared to what was sold two...

    08 Sep 2015

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