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  • Think About Your Eyes Debuts New Commercials

    On July 31, Think About Your Eyes debuted a new creative campaign, featuring two new commercials. The campaign, entitled “Seeing is a Gift” celebrates all that sight allows us to experience, from the...

    25 Aug 2017

  • Celebrate #HealthyVisionMonth with Think About Your Eyes!

    Think About Your Eyes is proud to count International Vision Expo as a partner. In New York last month, the campaign celebrated the release of 2016 exam data, which showed that the campaign’s messaging...

    30 May 2017

  • Think About Your Eyes Launches First Ads of 2017

    Monday, February 13 marked the launch of advertising for Think About Your Eyes. Thanks to increased support from existing partners, including The Vision Council and the American Optometric Association, as...

    27 Feb 2017

  • Think About Your Eyes Anticipates Momentous 2017

    2016 was a milestone year for Think About Your Eyes. With 20 industry partners and 33 state associations supporting the campaign, more than 7,100 TV commercials, 670,000 radio commercials, and 36 million...

    30 Jan 2017