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10 Timely Tips To Help You Capture Back-To-School Business

According to The Vision Council, only 29% of parents report including an annual eye exam in their back-to-school planning. So how do you bring your share of the more than 74 million Americans under age 17 through your door? Read on for 10 ways to make your business a place kids and their families want to be.

1. WORD OF MOUTH. A happy parent tells their friends. And, according to Nielsen, 84% of consumers report they take actions based on personal referrals.

2. ASK ‘EM. If you want to increase exams, ask current families in your practice to share their satisfaction with friends.

3. BLUE WHO? Communicating with parents about issues like UV and blue light that impact still-developing young eyes underscores the importance of regular eye exams at all ages.

4. EDUCATE. After their own eye exam, send parents home with brochures and links about kids’ eyes. Stress that as their child’s vision develops, their vision correction needs may change, too. Share, for example, that myopia isn’t usually diagnosed until age eight or up and often worsens in the teens. 

5. SHARING IS CARING. Go beyond take-homes and check the internet for infographics and other quick reads you can link to or post. Don’t forget your website. It’s a great place to feature a Did You Know column. 

6. TOYS & TRICKS. For small tykes, use fun fixation objects like toys that light up. Have a stuffed-animal mascot that wears eyeglasses and offers tips to kids about getting their eyes examined. Involve the character in contests and giveaways, too.

7. KID ZONE. Have an area for younger kids, with a few toys, books about kids in glasses (check out and getting their eyes examined (Howard and the Amazing Eye Exam is a great one).

8. SPEAK UP. Offer to speak at or sponsor a booth at career days or other family-related events. Be sure to bring fun handouts like kid-friendly cleaning cloths or brightly colored pencils with your name and phone number on them.

9. ART GALLERY. Create and display a collage of kid customers in their glasses. Invite them to draw pictures of themselves in their glasses. Turn it into a contest, and send a release and winning drawings to a local paper.

10. EVENTS. What about pint-size fashion and trunk shows? Or kids-only days and teen-only events? Feature the trends reported on

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