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All (Digital) Eyes on You: 7 Social Media Tips For Your Optical Practice

There are 3.2 billion social media users worldwide and 90% of companies report using social media for brand awareness. If you’re not using social media marketing to help grow your practice, then you’re missing out on a whole market of potential patients and fans. While the opportunities are endless to market yourself on social media, it’s important to have a strategic approach to develop content and market yourself in the digital space. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help direct eyeballs to your social media channels.

  1. Provide Tips & Be a Resource

Most people use social media not only as a networking and sharing tool, but also as a news resource. It’s one of the top places people consume news media and look for advice/resources. That’s where your optical practice can step in! Use your social channels to educate your audience on the importance of eye health and eye safety with statistics, relevant news articles, and tips from your staff.

  1. Spotlight Your Staff

People love seeing the face behind the brand. Use social media to tell the story of your optical practice and regularly feature your staff, putting a friendly face behind your practice so that you can uniquely stand out from the competition. You can also give you audience a unique look into your practice with behind the scenes photos and videos of staff, patients, and events you attend.

  1. Share Success Stories

A strategic social media strategy is all about transparency. Use social to highlight testimonials and success stories from patients. They will go a long way in establishing trust with your audience. Create a graphic or quote card with a few kind words from a past patient or film testimonial videos to highlight on your social channels.

  1. Experiment with Social Media Advertising

While ‘likes’ and new followers are beneficial to your social media channels, you’re most likely using social to drive traffic to your website and ultimately book patients and drive sales. With changes in algorithms and the crowded space on social media, it’s important to stand out with an effective advertising campaign. Facebook, in particular, has robust audience targeting and a wide array of advertising options. Go one step further and install a Conversion Pixel on the back end of your website to track actions people take on your site from your ad, such as book an appointment.

  1. Take Advantage of Optical-Related and Unique Holidays

Trending topics are a big win for any social media campaign. Optical-related holidays like National Sunglasses Day (June 27th) and Healthy Vision Month (May) are great times to share content from practice and draw in new patients. 

  1. Stay Consistent

Make sure you’re posting regular content and consider putting together a social media content calendar to keep your posts organized.

  1. Promote Your Presence at Vision Expo

Are you a Vision Expo exhibitor? Share activations and new launches you have coming to Vision Expo East 2019 and we’ll amplify it on Vision Expo’s social media channels to our 100K fans. And don’t forget to use the #VisionExpo hashtag and tag us!

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