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Let your optical be the talk of the town

Let your optical be the talk of the town

Written by Dr. Arian Fartash

Imagine going to your favorite retail store and finding they carry the same type of sweater season after season. Maybe you want to buy a warmer sweater, lighter sweater, or a different colored sweater, but your favorite store did not carry it; they just had the same exact sweater every time. Would you continue to shop there?  Most likely not because although your favorite store strives in service and quality you don’t want a closet full of the same sweater.  The same thing goes for eyewear. 

Too many times, optical retailers fall into the same routine of stocking the same brands and colors they’ve always carried.  They think, “Well, it is a best seller, so I should just re- order the same frame again to restock.”  Another thought is that this frame is a best seller because it is the only kind you carry.  I challenge optical retailers to step outside their comfort zone and discover new eyewear brands, designs, and colors. You will be surprised by the positive feedback your patients will give when they come in for their yearly eye exam or prescription fill and see that their favorite optical retailer is carrying something new!

Vision Expo is the best place to discover the latest and greatest eyewear all in one place.  Each eyewear line showcases not only their newest modern, on-trend selections but also display their best sellers. I have discovered so many new optical lines while visiting Expo that I would never have learned about otherwise.  Yes, we have the internet to virtually look up new eyewear designers, but there is nothing like seeing, touching, and trying on a pair of glasses that you think would do well in your optical.  Plus, there are enthusiastic eyewear lovers just like you who can help answer with your questions on the spot. 

Another way to use Vision Expo as a tool to differentiate your optical is by exploring the variety of different eyewear options at the Show. Each booth has something different to offer your optical and the best part is, the vendors are right next to each other! The products will differ in design, price point, color, and age category.

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Dr. Arian Fartash is a working Optometrist in California. In addition to providing eye care to her patients, she bonds with a broader audience on her Instagram, @glamoptometrist. She also has a social media company, helping other doctors around the country connect with existing and future patients

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