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New Grads: Building Your Network

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New Grads: Building Your Network

MAY 20, 2015

Graduation is finally here, and you still have no idea where you want to work. In a competitive job market, you have to build your network and learn how to become a pro at networking. Here are a few tips to help you network effectively:

  • Perfect your pitch – Walking up to a stranger can be extremely nerve wracking for many of us. However, once you perfect your 30-second pitch about who you are and your career goals, you’ll be golden.
  • Get on LinkedIn – LinkedIn is more powerful than ever with more than 347 million members all over the world. If you are already on LinkedIn, make sure you continuously build that profile over time. Also, be sure to include a professional photo, a brief summary about who you are and your future aspirations, detailed work experience (don’t forget to ask for recommendations from previous employers), volunteer work, writing samples, school projects, etc.; anything to show employers more about who you are.
  • Stay in touch – Once you start building your network, stay in touch with those you connect with. This doesn’t mean you have to email him or her every week but maybe once a month. If you landed an internship or job because they helped you get your foot in the door, be sure to thank them.

Overall, networking is all about building lasting connections for future opportunities. You never know when your opportunity may come. The most important thing to learn is that you continuously build your network because it’s all about who you know. Happy networking!

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