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Refreshing your optical environment with a splash of COLOR

Color can be intimidating; we often are scared we will choose the wrong one or that it won’t work with the existing interior design elements in a space.  You don’t have to be an interior designer to try out a new color in your practice.  Embrace the challenge, get your staff involved and have fun with this change.  New color in your space gives patients something fresh and new to see when they come to visit, so think about changing this color every year or even every quarter.  Here are a few ways you can do this in a cost effective manner. 

First, do your homework and search the Pantone website online to see what colors are trending for the year, grab a fashion magazine to see what you are noticing there, and go to your favorite home store to see what accent décor colors strike you.  Get a small sample of the paint color you want to try, maybe even 3 options and paint that color on a piece of paper or even a piece of clear vellum (think overhead projector transparency sheets) and paint the color on that and tape that to the wall/s you’d like to add this new hue to. 

When adding accent colors to walls make sure the color is not too strong and that the wall isn’t too large.  Also when you choose the wall always leave the walls adjacent on both sides neutral so your eye has a place to rest between each splash of this new shade.  Try doing the wall behind your check in counter, as well as one hallway wall on one side only as well as maybe one wall in each exam room.

To tie this new color in you need to think like an interior designer and that maybe dabble that color across the whole practice in small doses.  Grab some throw pillows in a solid or pattern with this new color in them and put them on some of your guest seating.  Visit a website like and buy some prints to put in your existing frames that have this color in it as well as your existing colors/neutrals. is used as an example because they let you search art by the colors in it!  Next buy some fresh flowers every week or two and ask for ones that have a long lifespan and give them the color direction and lastly buy a can of spray paint in this new color and try painting some of your picture frames or shelf props in this shade. 

Have fun with this new project and take note of patient responses.  I hope to see you in my course at Vision Expo East on Visual Merchandising or at my inspirational installation in the education area.

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Travis J. Reed

Travis J. Reed
CEO/Owner Creative Visionary, Inc

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