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The Visual Merchandiser's Critical Eye

Walk your store quarterly with this checklist in mind

By Travis Reed

Course 32B4, “Visual Merchandising Problems & Solutions” (Sat., March 21, 9:45-11:45)

Have you ever wondered what a visual merchandiser would see in your practice?  Use this list from Travis Reed of Creative Visionary, Inc to help you see through the eyes of a professional retail designer.

ENTRANCES. First impressions are huge, so start from all entrances to your practice and look at the doors, signage, the building exterior, lighting (bulbs dead?), blacktop/concrete, trash bins, etc.  Is the glass clean, is all the signage you are using necessary?  Are you window displays current, fresh, clean, and using an obvious theme?  Are you drawn to the products for sale or props?  Are you store hours shown on the door with your website and logo and preferably in vinyl?

THE FLOOR. Next walk into your practice and look right, this is what people tend to notice first.  Do you see something impactful?  What is the condition of your flooring?  Are the carpets clean and floors swept/buffed/waxed?  Are the ceiling lights all lit and repositioned to where fixtures are currently placed? 

SIGNAGE. Is all wall and floor standing signage currently used presently well and necessary and up to date?  Is POP clean strong and congruent with the design of your space?  Can they be presented in a more uniform way such as all in black and white and all in the same size in frames hung at the same height? 

DISPLAYS. Next walk up to your frame walls and fixtures; are they lit well enough that you are certain what color each frame is?  Is each lens clean enough that if you try them on you can see through them?  Are they arranged in a thoughtful way such as by brand and then by a secondary method such as color or fabrication? 

ENVIRONMENT. Walk around, and look at the environment. Can you add anything to add a little more class and luxury, such as fresh flowers, a bowl of individually wrapped candies, bottled waters, current magazines?  Are your restrooms something that would rate 5 stars on Yelp?  Can you add a little paint color to them and maybe a piece of art to make them less clinical? 

WAITING ROOM. Is your waiting area comfortable?  Are your guests and patients happy and entertained why they wait; and how long do they wait and why? Do the colors in your space match a theme? 

EXAM. Are the exam rooms just empty spaces with white walls and medical equipment?  Can you add a little color and art to make people feel more comfortable?

WHO. Lastly can you ask someone to do this walkthrough who does not work in your office or that has never been there before?  They will see the most and be far more honest. 

FREQUENCY. Start here, and do all steps quarterly. You’ll be amazed at the things you begom to notice and gradually improve!

By Travis J. Reed

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