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Think About Your Eyes Shares Survey Results Around Children’s Eye Health

Think About Your Eyes Shares Survey Results Around Children’s Eye Health

Children’s Vision Health Awareness

A survey recently conducted by Think About Your Eyes showed that children’s vision health isn’t at the top of many parents’ lists. Of the parents’ surveyed, only 40% thought a comprehensive eye exam should be part of their child’s annual health check-up schedule, nearly half as many who said a trip to the dentist and pediatrician was essential.

Parents also admitted that they were playing defense when it came to scheduling a child’s first eye exam. Of those surveyed, 24% would wait for their child to complain about vision problems before taking them to an eye doctor for the first time, compared to 2% when it comes to pediatrician and dental visits. This statistic is especially troubling given that children don’t always know they have vision problems; their vision is normal to them. Parents shouldn’t rely on their children’s judgement when it comes to eye health.

To raise awareness of these results and encourage parents to schedule an eye exam for their children, Think About Your Eyes developed and distributed an infographic, a visual depiction of the survey results. The infographic has been shared on social media and across more than 1,000 media outlets in the U.S., reaching an audience of more than 53 million people, point them towards the Think About Your Eyes doctor locator.

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